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Homebrew International Relations


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As the homebrew community continues to grow, it is important to connect with devs who might not be aware of VGS and the enthusiastic market within it. And although our members span the globe, there are parts of the world where brewers may not be as aware of this forum's community and potential as a platform to promote their work. There was a thread on NA about some in-development Famicom homebrew and the effort to connect with the devs and demonstrate international interest in their games.

I would like to create this thread for myself and others to bring attention to overseas homebrew and their devs. If any devs are here, announce yourself! If anyone is friends with them, bring them into the community so we can engage and support them!

Below is an incomplete list of some projects that are complete or in-development and their devs, to the best of my current knowledge. Help me connect with this awesome people and promote their work, and if possible bring them here to VGS!

- Mojon Twins: So Many Games! Twitter and Twitter

- 87 Arts: Star Keeper Twitter

- Retro X Brasil, Amaweks, Laudelino: Balaio de Jogos Twitter, Twitter, and Twitter

- Impact Soft: Haradius Zero Twitter

- Tulip House Games: Ilevan, Vegetablets Go Twitter

- Karu_gamo: Blazing Ranger, "amazon runner", "mech game" Twitter

- RIKI: Astro Ninja Man, Kira Kira Star Night DX Twitter

- Moktv: Porun chan Onigiri, "sports game", "son son clone" Twitter

- Kisala: Chateau Blanc Psyche Twitter

- good_tune: RC2Rally, Gold Guardian GunGirl Twitter

- Kannagichan: Danmaku Twitter

- Retro Nerve: Kung Fu UFO Twitter

- ITG: Cross-Strait Independence 

- PSCD: Foxy Land, Debtor, Bio Evil Twitter

- game impact: Booth Store and Twitter

- Blue Blood Twitter

- lscreate Twitter

-Kenneth Fejer Twitter

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@Scrobins : On the main page / list, or in its own thread or whatever, I'm not sure where best to put it. I've thought about starting the list myself, but I follow some of you guys on Twitter and I'm sure I'd quickly overlook or miss something right out of the gate.

Where physical carts are concerned, I'd personally like if we'd maintain separate lists for Famicom and NES versions. The reason for this is because at the current moment, some developers release games in both formats, some release games in one or the other. 

I've brought my NES with me last time I visited my family, with the sole intention being that now I can purchase and play homebrew games only available on NES format. And let me say, there's been tons of great looking games I want to grab, if this covid-19 ever settles down and I can start selling things online again. This is from a gaming standpoint.

From a collector standpoint though, I'm trying to purchase all Famicom homebrew games, whether on the NES side I'm more selective. I'm sure some others might feel similarly, though in reverse.


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Can you PM me a list of Famicom homebrew missing from my thread? If it’s still available, send me the link to where it can be purchased, if not then confirm it’s out of print, or if it’s still in development, include a link where we can watch it’s progress.

I was actually planning on @ing you for this thread. You introduced us to ITG over on NA, are they still active and what’s their website or social media so we can follow them? Have they released anything since Cross-Strait Independence?


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Interesting, if I'm understanding correctly, you can buy a flash FC cart and RC2 Rally will be pre-loaded onto it, much like Troll Burner is pre-loaded onto NESmaker refill carts. I'll update the Almanac accordingly later today with this nugget.


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According to the inserts in PLTC and Dragon Boat, ITG is currently working on games titled: Save the Leopard Cats!, Hungry Ghost Night, Moon Fest, and a game for the new year but didn't seem to have a formal title that was italicized on the insert like the others. Any other known games to add to the homebrew on the horizon list?

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