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SO I don't seek people out to sign stuff nor do I consider my self a collector of signed things but sometimes I meet people and its fun to have something to remember those moments by.


A few things I have: Various Shantae games as well as a original drawing by Matt and Erin Bozon (creators), Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball signed by Tom Payne (one of the main artists) who I met at a garage sale, Sam and Max book and Sam and Max dvd set signed by Steve Purcell (he came into my store), Psychonauts signed by the dev team and Monkey Island signed by Tim Schafer (double fine games) whom I got to meet with a couple friends while touring the studio. Oh also I think I have Marc Erikisen autograph on a poster (most famous for his mega man 2 art.


Anyways just thought I'd share - some cool memories attached to these! Do you guys have any cool stories associated with signatures?


Oh I suppose I never met Dan Gable but I would love to shake the man's hand lol





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