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SNES Label Experts: Is this Zelda LttP LABEL legit?


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Pics: https://imgur.com/a/wi2KTpM


Additional shots because I've got really shaky hands: https://imgur.com/a/7rsEsNV

Just got this off ebay and something feels just a little off to me about how glossy the label is and how dark the colors are.
Minor internet sleuthing led to another at least 2 people who had a similar label which makes me think its possibly not a repro label, because when it comes to repro labels these would have had to all come from the same source and somehow be the same quality....but I'm still not confident:




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And a side-by-side of a picture someone else took of their LttP cart for me that I copied the angle on.


I would wager to say they are exactly the same with the big difference being the dark gold outline around the text...and the dark gold has a sparkle to it - something I'm not sure a label bootlegger would go our of their way to do (?) for like a $3 label.  The only other very minor inconsistency between these portions of the label is my SNS-ZL-USA is a bit thinner.

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