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Sachen "Box" Found!!!


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Earlier I started a thread about why I like Sachen. To be honest, I was trolling a bit, but I also wanted to hype up a recent find of mine a bit. Sadly though, I can't make a full determination of the magnitude of this find (or lack of), as a few buddies and myself have not been successful vat cracking this nut, thus far anyways. Hence why I'm turning to you guys. We can solve this case together. 馃檪

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to purchase a Famicom gaming machine that was allegedly designed for use in hot spring resorts in Japan. The text on the machine is entirely bin Japanese, do I don't think it was intended for use in the local Taiwan market.

Although the price was a decent amount of money, @OptOut聽and I discussed it a bit, and we both felt it was worth the price, despite the risk (working or not, interesting or boring, etc). What initially caught my eye was that the controller was made by Sachen themselves. I could easily see them being behind this, given the alleged usage.

To sum it up in a sentence: Japanese business men took their mistresses to hot springs resorts, then played Sachen porno mahjong / strip games before having a fun time. I am sure the truth aligns quite similar to this guess, and I knew I had to own this piece, given its scarcity, my love for Sachen, and my terribly nasty collection of porno Famicom / Sega games, yeah I'm a perve.

The seller claimed the machine worked, I haven't been able to get any picture out of it, though the mechanical points do seem to operate fine. Whether I can get the machine working or not, I honestly don't regret my purchase at all. I just want to know what data is on the games built into the machine.

You see, it appears to be a Famiclone built into the machine, with a Famicom cartridge PCB inserted into the game slot. No idea if there are more game PCBs behind the first or not, or even the content on the cart. I thought I was hooking my machine up wrong, so I asked the seller got help, and since my crt TV was on the fritz, I even tracked down another crt and carried the forty-pound motherf*cker halfway across town after work one day, for the sake of this Sachen box. No lie.

On the other crt I managed to hook up and get running other game machine, but no dice with this one . I then took another approach, thinking that if I opened it, I could see if there was an internal problem.

After undoing the visible screws, I began taking the case off, but it refuses to open more than about half an inch. I took the machine to a locksmith, and he picked the tubular lock open allowing me to access the coin box (100 yen per play) as well as the counter of how many times the machine has been played. He said the smaller tubular locks were very rare, and he couldn't get those opened. Another brick wall.

Today I swung by another locksmith and he happened to have a key that fit the two smaller locks, and so he opened them and gave me the key gratis, he said it was so old he didn't need it anymore. I took things home and discovered that the smaller locks are actually switches, which control settings on the machine, likely the timer function, etc.

And that's where we are at. There is at least one Famicom cartridge PCB inside this thing, who knows if it is a retail Sachen game, a prototype game, or a finished game designed solely for this obscure machine. Given how they teamed up with Hacker International of Japan, maybe the cart contains something related to that. I feel chances are good that something interesting could be inside, but I can't get anything but static from the machine, and I can't get it opened.聽

Next step will be getting an RF to av converter from somewhere, I doubt that will get me an image, but I'm willing to go down every alley I can, eventually we will get a "hit".

This is why I like Sachen though. They produced a large amount of original games (the non-platformer games are actually mostly really well done, it's just that they don't appeal to westerners) for Famicom, Game Boy, they released their own handheld device, they released this sleezy hotel machine, etc. Whether people can recognise it or not, they were innovative . To conclude, this machine of mine is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, that earns then major respect in my book!





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It's a thing of beauty mate, congrats! It's the Cadillac of Sachens, lol!

I'm sure it will be up and running in no time. This completely changes my perspective on Sachen to be honest, that they could craft such an awesome looking piece of machinery like that. They get WAY too little respect/credit imo!

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Wow that's amazing.聽 Followed your interest in sachen for years and you're right aside from platformers from what I can vaguely recall they were fairly good at making games.聽 I just don't recall off hand what gameboy handheld they made, but I do recall the games as well as the NES/FC stuff.聽 I wouldn't mind going down a sachen gameboy rabbit hole some, it could be fun.

Perhaps for humor sake here you're overthinking why it's stuck together.聽 You did say it was at a love hotel after all. 馃槈

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That is so cool . Would love to have something like that . Cant beat the look of it . No matter at what kind of action was happening in the room ( either game play or under cover twister ) . Funny seeing start and select are wrtten in english along with some wrtting on the panel . Why was that ? The appeal for more markets or just cheaper in making if mass produced ( depending on region would require different language molds ) . . .聽

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Any chance of you turning on the video camera feature on your phone, dipping that down into the gap and seeing what's causing the gum up?聽 I know most folks won't have a USB probe camera to feed down into tight spaces, but virtually everybody's got (access to) a smartphone at this point which would likely shed some light on the issue.

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Hi Dave,

Good to see you have started writing/researching again :).

This reminds me of 'off-brand famicomboxs' which I discovered years and years ago, and have misplaced ALL of my photos and links of. But here is one example: http://oroti.blog.jp/archives/68610556.html

I swear there are many more but i don't know what to search google for.

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