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sealed collection for offer snes nes n64 game boy


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All are NTSC USA


Selling in wholesale groups OBO.


 Thanks for the offers. We have great references if you need them




Arcana 75-80 estimate - 

Donkey Kong Country 2 Japan 50-60 estimate - 

F-Zero black label 85 estimate - 

Robocop Vs. Terminator 75 estimate

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts 70 estimate 


Game Boy

Revenge of the Gator 80 estimate 

Zelda Link's Awakening DX VGA 85+

Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Players Choice 70 estimate 

Mouse Trap Hotel 85+-90 estimate 

Kirby's Pinball Land 80-85 estimate 

Kirby's Star Stacker, VGA 85 

Killer Instinct game boy 80-85 estimate 

Kirby Dream Land 2 75-80 estimate 

Ultima Runes of Virtue (signed by Garriott) 70-80 estimate

Tetris DX 85 estimate 

Tennis original 50 estimate 

Bad n Rad skate or die




Fire Emblem Sacred Stones 90 estimate 

Buster Bros 75-80 estimate

Super Mario Advance 85 estimate 



Castle of Illusion Mickey Mouse 70 estimate



Game Gear

Ninja Gaiden 70 estimate



Castlevania 80 Black seal rev-a

Dick Tracey 80 estimate 

Gotcha (no REV-A) 85-90 estimate

Dr. Mario 85-85+ estimate 

Super Mario Bros. 2 (Black Seal) 85-85+ estimate

Super Mario Bros. 2 (White Seal) 85-85+ estimate

Super Mario Bros. 3 85-85+ estimate

Faxanadu SS PAL

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 80 esti


Nintendo 64

Kirby Crystal Shards VGA 85 

Ocarina of time red label (not pc, not CE) VGA 80+ 

Star Fox 64 Big Box VGA 85+ 

Star Wars Rogue Squadron 85-85+ estimate 

Daikatana 75 estimate

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