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It is an ill wind that blows no good - (slightly) positive effects of the coronavirus.


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This is in no way meant to minimize the negative effects of the corona virus.  


But a few beneficial things I have noticed:

The price of gas has plummeted  - not good for certain sectors of the economy but keeps a bit more money in my paws.
I am also not using as much gas - very little actually - which saves me some more money.
The multitudinous  scam phone calls have pretty much vanished.
Between the closure of restaurants and the change in grocery store shopping habits we are saving even more money  (and the takeout we do costs us less since we are not buying drinks - which are a high mark up item for dining establishments).
My auto insurance company is reducing the rate for April by 20% - I assume because they are paying out fewer claims with people driving less.
Many jurisdictions are experiencing a drop in crime rates in some categories.
In many cities the air has improved.

Anything else that any of you have noticed?


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The amount of people from different disciplines that would never usually have talked to each other has increased (in the effort to fight the virus). Human ingenuity +10

The pent up gratitude for what used to be considered "normal" life will sky rocket after this blows over. Gratitude +10

Our knowledge of and need to be prepared for similar events will increase. Preparedness +10

For the most part, families that never get a chance to spend enough quality time together are getting that time. Relationship +10

If we can somehow claw back any civil liberties that may or may not be infringed upon in the name of security we will be a stronger people for it. Liberty + or - TBD.

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Member · Posted
2 hours ago, Tabonga said:

The multitudinous  scam phone calls have pretty much vanished.

That’s curious. I guess they don’t lay out for infrastructure to work from home and are actually in some Bizarro World call center? 😄

I would have expected them to carry on as usual regardless. Fortunately I don’t get them any more.

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I assume they operate from call centers overseas and those are now shut down.  I haven't even been getting robocalls - my guess is they are also run out of a center of some sort.  The only thing I have gotten is a couple of the one ring scams - but not recently.  

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I have a lot more time on my hands...to do things I've been putting off for years. I'm also losing weight (not a ton mind you but...every bit helps) because no fast food. I'm not spending nearly as much as I normally do right now since I'm not out there hunting for video games...

And maybe this is just me...because I don't listen to the news (sick of it and I haven't really listened to the news since 9/11...)...but the world seems...slower...more calm. I live on a busy main road...and it's so much quieter now...I'm really enjoying that. Everyone's finally slowed down to my speed...and it feels...great. I'm not comfortable at how fast the world moves...this makes me feel better. I can't really explain it.

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