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The Duce has entered VGS

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Yesterday I went to visit NintendoAge, only to find out that it had been replaced by "GoCollect".

Albeit not being an active user of the former site, I was still kind of shocked over what I saw. I had been a member of the old site since 2007. I had revisited the site occasionally for information and stuff, that was provided over there. Then I found out the old site had been sold to a new owner, that practically just dismantled it. I also found a thread suggesting this site, so here I am. The same thing just about happened in Sweden, with a site called NesDB.se that was based on a database for NES and Famicom games and a forum. In 2012 the owner decided to sell the forum and keep the database. Now the database has been closed for good and is unavailable. The forum on the other hand survived and kept on going til present day.

Enough about that. I am a collector of videogames, arcades and home computers. Nintendo Entertainment System, Video Computer System, Odyssey 2, ColecoVision, 5200 Advanced Video Entertainment System, Mega Drive, SC-3000, MSX2, Neo-Geo AES, Super Nintendo, Playstation 2 are some of the systems I collect on.

I hope this place will fill in the shoes that was walked by NintendoAge.


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