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FS/FO/FT *new 2DS XL w 100+ Games, SFC theme GBA SP, Kevin Powers Homebrews + Homebrews boxes


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Blue *new 2DS XL, loaded $140 + ship

Here is a Blue & Black 2DS XL with 35 3DS games on it (see pics below) and the over 100 GB, GBC, NES, SNES and Game Gear games on it. Before you get all fussy, these 3DS ROMs were dumped from my private collection of over 120 3DS games. The custom firmware allows you to easily dump and install any game cart. For example, I know smash Bros isn't on here and I could easily dump and install the ROM from the cart. It's actually a huge upside as you can purchase games, dump the ROM back it up on a PC or w.e

Condition is basically perfect, no scratches or scuffs. Includes 64gb SD card that can hold about 20 more 3DS games. Because this is the *new* 3ds it runs SNES games natively and also can run PS1 games but they don't save, or at least idk how to save them. It's a very approachable system with all the custom firmware still on the system. The discord servers for maintenance and updates are very active. This console will never brick so feel free to update the console as you see fit. Comes with charger, stylus and SD card, no box.

Preview: 3 Zelda's, 3 fire emblems, DQ 7&8, Etrian 4&5, Ever oasis, Shin Megani IV Apocalypse, Corpse Party, Mario maker, 2 Yoshi's. Basically every retro game that was available on the eShop.

List exact of games upon request or if you have specifics your looking for lmk I might have them to add to the list 






SFC GBA SP 001 - $60 + shipping

Here are two SFC themed GBA SP. These are fresh shell swaps and both have new batteries. Both have original screens and lenses. The one on the right has a small scuff on the lense. The one of the left has no visible markings on the lense. The plastic doesn't have the same hand feel as the original shells but they're definitely up there, above other reshells I've felt in the past. I really just want to break even on these as I bought a lot of "broken" 001s that all just needed new batteries and shells. I have too many now lol

Pics below






Kevin Powers in TMG & in Concert Carnage $100 EACH (or offer?) I don't know how much these are worth. 

They include all original contents. Real nice condition. Concert Carnage has some label lift





Homebrew Boxes Only $10 each? (For offer) 

The incident


Haunted Halloween 85

Swords and runes

Final fantasy VII NES version (this room is an illusion) includes poster and manual.







TRADES: I would like to trade towards a Switch Lite, CIB popular Gameboy games, CIB SFC popular games, popular NES games (MegaMan, Castlevania, etc). Try me out!

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