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[ENDED] Large Flat Rate Box (Ends april 9th, 10pm na time)


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Hi, time for another round of Mystery Box! This one is all imports (region locked and region free), since I'm in desperate need of space clearance I have decided to part with a huge chunk of my PS1 collection (among other consoles as well) which includes a few heavy hitters that typically are listed at $50 or more on eBay. You will find it's mostly PS1 but you will find Saturn and N64 as well. I am willing to sell it at a loss, $130 starting bid and $175 BIN (both include shipping to US only, not shipping to Canada atm). If you score this package cheap there's reselling potential if you manage to sell the heavy hitters. Any questions or doubts please let me know. (Some games are in Japanese and some are in English)

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