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Would WATA grade a signed MTPO?

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Events Team · Posted

They'd grade your mother if you asked them to, so yes, they'd grade this signed MTPO.

But signature are usually considered as 'flaws' in the grading business, so it would hurt the grade you'd get. Not saying that this piece can have a market on its own with a certificated signature of Mike Tyson.

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They responded, wont affect the grade.

Wata Games (Wata Games) 

Apr 7, 09:02 EDT 

Hi Brian, thanks for reaching out! We do have plans to eventually launch our own version of a Signature Series for graded games. However, we recognize that there are a lot of games out there like yours that have already been signed before our program. Because of this we treat already signed games the following way: the signature will not affect the grade, and we will note on the label details something along the lines of "signature unverified by Wata, PSA Authenticated."  Just be sure that we have the proof we need to say that PSA authenticated it. 
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