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A hex upon your house!!!


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There are surprisingly few console games with hex grids (which I greatly favor).

Here are the US ones I can think of:

Allied General (PS1)
Brigandine (PS1)
DarkWizard (Sega CD)
Iron Storm (Saturn)
Master of Monsters (Genesis)
Master of Monsters (PS1) (A truly miserble game)
Military Madness (Turbografx - it is included as part of Nectaris)
Nectaris (PS1)
Panzer General (PS1)

I think at least one of the Warrior of Rome games (Genesis) had a hex grid - formed by offset rectangles.  Both were pretty poor games.

There were some of import games that had them - including the Daisenryaku games - of which Iron Storm was one.

One thing that i also like about hex grids is that they usually incorporate zones of control - another mechanic that adds to the fun.


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Aw my wise friend. When are you going to show some Koei love? All the Koei Nes strategy games are offset rows of squares which in effect are hex based maps. A lot of the Snes/Genesis Koei games have hex based maps too but I stick to the Nes ones mostly

Genghis Khan

Bandit Kings of Ancient China

Nobunaga's Ambition 1&2

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1&2


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