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Multiplatform games for current gen, how do you pick?

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Not sure if this belongs here or in the question section since it's a question but...I'm looking for more opinions then answers?

Anyways people who have multiple current gen consoles...which platform do you pick for multiplatform games? I've been struggling with this one because I have a Vita but when something releases on the PS4 (which I don't currently own) and Vita I'm always unsure which to get. Do they downgrade the game for the Vita...will it impact the game at all if I pick the Vita version...that sort of stuff goes through my head. I do have games for the PS4 (LRG stuff that didn't release on another platform or what have you), and I plan on getting one eventually but...idk if I made a mistake picking Vita over the PS4 in the long run.

And now that I have a Switch...it adds that to the mix. Now it's PS4 vs Switch. I mean my gut says Switch so I can play the game but idk if the PS4 games would be better quality over the Switch? One game made me question this all, Psyvariar Delta. It looks interesting but it's on both systems and Googling Psyvariar Delta PS4 vs Switch gets me nothing.

I mean the PS4 overall has to be better in terms of performance...regardless of game right? So would that mean the PS4 version is better?

I never had this much trouble figuring out older gens...

Oh I will say this is just for PS4, Switch and Vita (when it applies). Not planning on ever getting an Xbone lol.

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I've always loved Halo and my friends and family gravitated towards Xbox, so that's where I play. I love the Xbox Live ecosystem and, generally, third party games look and play the best on the Xbox One X, so it's a no brainier for me. My PS4 and Switch are purely for exclusives or games I want to have on the go.

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