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[ENDED] Dual Large Flat Rate Mystery Box (BIN HIT)


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Hey! Time for another mystery box auction, this time  it will have two large flat rate boxes full of games from diverse systems ranging PS1, N64, 3DO and so forth. Each box starts off at $130 shipped and has a BIN price of $150. If you decide (by a miracle of the heavens) to buy both then you can get both of them for $220 shipped! All prices are shipped (North America only, no Canada for now). The boxes contain lots of good  desirable games and some rarities as well, while in varying conditions all games have been tested and work so far. As usual you will not find shovelware, sports games or fillers. There's a chance you might find sealed titles or limited editions as well...

Happy bidding!
Any questions or doubts please PM me or ask here.

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