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SNES stickerless back label

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I've never really focused on SNES collecting but I have managed to accumulate over 200 carts throughout the past 10 years or so.  However, up until recently I had never seen a stickerless back.  I recently bought a bunch of games and 5 came with stickerless backs stating "assembled in mexico".  I couldn't find much information researching on-line so I thought i'd ask here to see if anyone knew more about these.  I'm guessing these were re-releases when Nintendo sent production to Mexico?  Any ideas how many of different games were made this way?IMG_3365.thumb.JPG.8c4f41996920b36ff617d3d2492c59a6.JPGIMG_3368.thumb.JPG.cd99f6af729cde15fc09f40ca74dcc25.JPGIMG_3367.thumb.JPG.2ca5dab82c0235b525c25148819d250a.JPG



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I believe there is about 50 with the only one you won’t find with a standard “Made in Japan“ or “Made in Mexico” is Frogger which was only printed by Majesco. Try googling Majesco and SNES and see what comes up. There was a list on NA some time ago that listed them all. 


Edit: went to dig up the list

49 SNES Majesco Reprint Variants
 Ahhh ha real monster
 Battletoads double dragon 
 Battletoads In battlemaina
 Beavis n butthead
 Brunswick World Bowling: Tournament
 Championship Pool
 Contra III: The Alien Wars
 Earthworm Jim 2
 Family feud
 Goof Troop
 Jeopardy: Deluxe Edition
 Jungle Strike 
 Jungle book 
 Jurassic Park
 Lion King
 Mega Man X
 PacMan 2The New Adventures 
 Paperboy 2
 Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
 Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday
 Scooby Doo Mystery
 Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos
 Spiderman & the X-Men Arcade
 Street Fighter II
 Super Battleship
 Super Black Bass 
 Super Caesar's Palace
 Super Castlevania IV
Super Godzilla (Hardest to find Made in Japan)
 Super off road
 Super Off-Road: The Baja 
 Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back
 Super Star Wars Return Jedi
 Teenage mutant ninja turtles IV: Time 
T2: The Arcade Game 
 Timon and Puumba's Jungle Games
 Tiny toons buster bust loose
 Tom and Jerry
Top Gear 
 Urban Strike
 Wheel of FortuneDeluxe Edition
 WWF Super Wrestlemania
 X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
**Frogger is NOT a REPRINT; printed by Majesco as first print**


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I’m pretty sure my Mega Man X has the no sticker and is Majesco. Will confirm once kiddo goes to bed

update: I was incorrect, my Mega Man X has a sticker back. I do have a Majesco and a normal manual. The Majesco manual is black and white 



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