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Evolution snowboarding for gamecube over $100.


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Someone or collectively everyone is buying out or hyping Gamecube trash the past couple months. Games like City Racer, Grooverider, and Rally Championship have sold multiple times for over $100. The funny thing is they're selling multiple times a week so it's not like they're impossible to find. I wonder how long this will last. It doesn't look like the same thing happened to Wii for whatever reason. Quick, buy all the uncommon Wii shovelware!

On a Gamecube-is-on-fire note, people are paying anything for a lil bit of Animal Crossing right now. There's a Player's Choice copy with no manual, no memory card that sold for $80 yesterday. Jeez people.

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That is crazy. I've been meaning to pick up more GC titles for years and by chance I took a look at the market this weekend. I was shocked to see how much steam it had picked up. I mean, I know that all systems seem to follow a cycle in value and price, but the GC specifically seemed a bit top heavy.

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