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So it's now official...I'm now over the hill :( I'm now...*gulp*...FORTY. :(


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So, the day I've been long dreading is now here.聽 I would've never figured though we'd have anything like this corona virus and all this self-isolation happening.聽 So on this day, I officially become over the hill...today I turn, "gulp*...


Yes, I'm already at least half gray, and yes I don't have nearly the sexy trim figure I had when I was oh, 21 or 25 or so, but to be honest I don't really feel all that different for the most part.聽 I mean I still do pretty much the same hobbies, like the same food...my wife claims that I have matured some over the years but I'm just not seeing it.聽 With this whole virus thing going on, there's just not much room/feeling for celebration though.聽 Traditionally my grandma gets me Pizza Hut for my birthday (plus I go to her house every Sunday to play 800 Rummy, have pizza or chicken/fries together with her and my aunt, plus while it's cooking I get to work on a jigsaw puzzle...if anyone does those anymore).聽 But now with bordering Illinois going on full lockdown, I imagine it's only a matter of time before my state, Kentucky, is next.聽 So who knows if I'll even get to go to grandma's anymore for quite some time... 馃槥

And I know you guys thought I was nuts when I first mentioned this, but I don't even feel right getting anything but basic necessities right now...indeed I was so relieved and grateful when my Amazon package arrived with four bags of my kitty's Purina Cat Chow Indoor to help ensure he has a good reserve supply of it.聽 With all these people struggling just to find (not afford,聽find)聽basic needs I just don't feel right buying any luxury things (such as they are) while this is going on.聽 If anything, this is helping me appreciate even more and better enjoy the things I already have to keep me busy (video games, baseball cards, World Book/Britannica yearbooks, local newspaper archive and so on).聽 My wife unfortunately has had to be in a nursing home about 40ish miles away but I do appreciate very much that not only is she in good hands with the staff there, but聽especially聽that we can call (and occasionally Skype) as much as we want without racking up expensive long distance charges like you would a few decades ago.

So yes, I've now reached one of the major milestones in one's life, with all the very mixed feelings that go with that, and me and my wife's 15th anniversary will be here in a few months as well (June 17).聽 I only wish it was all under better circumstances.

1980 (birth year) crowd indeed... 馃槢

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11 minutes ago, B.A. said:

Happy b-day man!聽

I don't understand the dread for 40, you are the same person as you said. Plus be happy that you still have some grandparents, that's not bad for 40!聽

You bet!聽 She'll be 88 this year, not exactly a spring chicken but from what I can tell pretty much fit as a fiddle!

I mean聽maybe聽I'm聽mostly聽the same person, I dunno...

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dont worry about it.聽 my grandma said to me once that she never felt old till she hit 84聽 she always felt 20.聽 40 is just a number of what humans call years.聽 as long as you eat elthy聽 work out聽 you souldn't worry about it 馃槢 i just turned 30 so i kinda know how you feel聽 but i just learn to acsept it cause we aint getting any younger lol.聽 she now 93聽 and losing her mind but still happy 馃槢

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So now YOU'RE the oldest member here!

In case you missed the reference, there was a new guy in the welcome thread that thought he would be the oldest person here.聽 聽I figured for such a claim he would at least have been in his 50s, so I put him to the Pepsi Challenge with Tobanga/Tellurian/Natty.聽 聽Dude said he was 39.

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2 hours ago, Boosted52405 said:

Happy Birthday!聽 I'm sure you can rest easier with the cat food, dog food was one of my top worries too!

Yes my aunt (who's always been very much a dog person but did have a kitty also when she was a girl) was really helpful in getting my kitty's cat food/litter.聽 So yeah, *whew* now my kitty will be good to go on food/litter for at least a few months! 馃檪


Indeed, it's times like this we need man's REAL best friend...and I suppose that聽other聽species also, now more than ever!


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