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Super Power Club Power Challenge Trading Cards

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Hi All. I picked up a stack of 66 Super Power Club Power Challenge Trading Cards that came in issues of Nintendo Power.

I understand there are 170 cards in the set, with a few variants with different illustrations for the same card number (e.g. Monster Max #132). I wonder if there are any shortprints...

Apparently a person could mail away for a full set, otherwise they came in random groups of 6 in Nintendo Power Issues 41-67 (thanks to acidjaguar for his detailed Nintendo Power thread).

The going rate on ebay seems to be 50 cents to a dollar a piece (or less if you buy a bigger lot). Not sure what a complete set would go for.

I haven't seen them out in the wild before and putting a set together seems pretty ambitious.

Does anyone have a full set? Did you piece the set together yourself? 


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