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So eh... How do you unignore a thread?


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Well, due to an unfortunate series of taps on my phone, I tapped the screen a second after a thread loaded, and I hit the ignore button.  The thread is now completely gone to me and I can't find.  Not only that, I can't seem to find any settings that manage ignored content.  I see there's a place to manage ignored users, but not threads.

It was the Werewolf thread so yeah... I'd rather not get booted from the game because of that accident.

Thanks guys.

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Well nevermind...  I made this post and then remembered that browser history was a thing.  Once I found it, I saw there was an unignore button.  I'm not sure how to do this if you can't find the page, but since I went back to it, I fixed it.

What seemed odd, and maybe it was just me is that on my phone browser, I hit the back button and did get back into the post, but I didn't see an unignore button.  Good ole Chrome shares browser history across sessions, so I was able to find it on my PC, and the unignore button replaced the ignore one.

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