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VGS NES Weekly Contest 2019 Charms


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Events Team · Posted

Dear Sages,

Better late than never, we are finally ready to honor the winners of the VGS NES Weekly Contest 2019 Charms! Without anymore introduction, here is the list of Charms and their recipient :

1782301069_NES2019Trophy64x64.png.fde495d299bf01f8146213bc420e82d2.png.f0c7e538930ec8212637de8edc7e5054.pngTournament Winner : @bertsampson

77418465_NES2019Gold64x64.png.ea7430779add3c3e99420e03ee8030a4.png.fffe453ffabadbb7ff5ca8e3ab41d86b.png1st Rank Main Leaderboard : @8bitdontquit

1530829660_NES2019Silver64x64.png.a47b4d637ffa4a94248aebb7a99b5798.png.4c386312249caa1e6ba713bc6847056b.png2nd Rank Main Leaderboard : @skinnygrinny

56779043_NES2019Bronze64x64.png.f02c363478ac9a79a46070e59dfc166f.png.22f3c6758c265106e2dd902892bce3ec.png3rd Rank Main Leaderboard : @bertsampson

103899520_Platformer201964x64.png.f01a76b9ef091cb8b5cd7885534f7cb7.png.b8549f7e08ba33f2a88c59c0bb6fc0b6.pngAction/Platformer Genre : @8bitdontquit

859502219_Arcade201964x64.png.d8f6d0e6b4cc12ad59fa36082e3f62b9.png.b1c3818adceca1ea36ad501e17ad29cd.pngArcade Genre : @8bitdontquit

809203608_Shmup201964x64.png.1fc39764bde0c05b6e9c21f482c2fc8f.png.3659de5e69b5af00673ae0426e8f3d70.pngShooter Genre : @skinnygrinny

25106614_Puzzle201964x64.png.c7e869bb8104f604131b49aab63e525f.png.5e4cfb355cb005fe0e5deecb698e876e.pngPuzzle Genre : @8bitdontquit (You again! Man you're going to have a bunch of Charms under your name real soon!)

2066835284_BeatEmUp201964x64.png.2f856779374b94708abe31fb58051990.png.7f242fb07025198193f518d22b820257.pngBeat Em Up Genre : @8bitdontquit

1174944318_Sports201964x64.png.7e6a819763bdcb20ef826812f22ec28e.png.8f589f4061e46085484ee725d2dd33b1.pngSports Genre : We have a tie! Both @Tablew/chairs and @8bitdontquit get it!


Congratulations to all the Charms winners of 2019, and special thanks to @CasualCart, @BortLicensePlate and @Gloves for working on designing the Charms, and naturally to @BeaIank for running most of the 2019 year!

As you may all know, most of the 2019 season took place on our old place (I can't remember the name already) and these Charms are a proof of the continuation of the NES Weekly Contest we all love from the former site to the present one (which feels so much more comfortable!). But this also means that we're starting anew, and one way to celebrate it is to have a brand new Charm to reward anyone participating in at least ONE week in our contest. Here's the new participation Charm and the list of the players that earned it early on in the 2020 season :

173756080_NES2019Participation64x64.png.5c53b1213cfa8eed987f4e66358a50ce.png.bdcb44b2d5b15645de3670bc565d576b.pngVGS NES Weekly Contest Participation :

 @Gaia Gensouki
 @Reed Rothchild

Charms will be distributed shortly, we just need to wait for our good friend @Gloves to do it whenever his busy administrator in chief life permits it (thanks for all the work you're doing on here Doug). Again, thanks for everyone involved in these contests, and keep up the good work for the 2020 season!

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2 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

Don't forget about the 2020 charms!

2020 was the first year that the contest was entirely on VGS, so it's arguably even more important than the 2019 charms (being that the latter were earned primarily on NA...) 😛

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31 minutes ago, Gloves said:

I do not know of this "2020" you speak of. I don't believe that is a thing that exists. 🤔

Fine by me, since I didn't participate in that clusterfuck of a year, so long as you get some nifty little charms for 2021 when the time comes, because I plan on really cleaning up in this year's compo...  😉

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