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Dreamcast Arcade Stick, FF7 Polygon Figures, RE 2 Remake: Collectors Edition (PS4), Earthbound Guide, Switch Games, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Portrait of Ruin ( New but damaged ), etc, FS/FO


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I've got a few things FS/FO.  Not looking to trade at the moment, just sell.  All prices include shipping.  In case anyone needs feedback references I was on NA as jredmond3, also on a few other sites like Sega-16 and Neo Geo forums and have good feedback there.  Hopefully that covers all the bases.   All prices are shipped / have shipping included.  I'll try to get this listing cleaned up a bit in regards to the pics either later today or Saturday.  Added Switch games.

For Sale:

Dreamcast Arcade Stick ( HKT-7300 ) - $85 Shipped - Has some general wear but overall decent shape.  All buttons in good working condition,  stick still has tension, VMU slot is working.  Some wear on the back plate.

Final Fantasy VII Polygon Figures ( come with box/plastic bag, no other original materials ) - Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris - $60 shipped

Resident Evil 2 Remake Collector's Edition (New/Sealed) - $285 Shipped 

Earthbound Guide (Scratch N Sniff intact ) - $95 OBO - Intact and has all but binding does have some heavier wear.  Does not have the Nintendo Power subscription flyer.

Panzer Dragoon Orta with Case/Manual, Very good condition, a few light scratches on the disc if any - $45 

Portrait of Ruin ( NDS )- 2nd copy has a more significant tear in the top right of the cover - $35 

Switch games ( all are new/sealed ) : 

Mortal Kombat 11 (Switch) Sealed/New - $25 ( there are a few small specks of debris, looks like paper, trapped in the seal )
Slay the Spire ( Switch ) Sealed/New - $25
Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution (Sealed/New, 3 promo cards included ) - $25

Rockman 6 - Famicom - Complete - $75 Shipped












PD Orta 2.jpg






SOLD Items:

Earthbound Box with Inner Tray - $400 obo - Box is in decent shape but does have some wear, see pics, heavier wear is on the corners.   Also includes the inner tray. - SOLD ( to a3quit4s  @ $315 ) 

Portrait of Ruin  ( NDS ) - both are sealed (seam style), one has a smaller circular mark on the front that goes into the cover art.  Sold to Ultr4l4ser for $40.

Final Fantasy VII Chrome Figure Set- SOLD - Includes Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, and Aeris/Aerith - Looking to keep as a set for the time being.  All are the statue/figure only except for Aeris which does include the box.  These were released in Japan around 2001 I think and were limited to 3,000 each ( Cloud is #2412, Sephiroth #1315, Tifa #534, Aeris #2306 ).  The only real issue of note is the Sephiroth figure is separate from the base somewhat (each figure goes into the base with a couple of square pegs on the feet, so it's not a big issue ).  ( Sold Off Site )

Pokemon Master Trainer Board Game - SOLD -  Still sealed but there's some dust/spotting throughout, I believe this is where 
dust/debris got in through the vent holes in the seal, not sure, also corners have some wear and there's quite a bit of
unevenness on the back of it  - ( Sold Off Site  ) 








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