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What games have lots of beautiful enviornmental sound effects?


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I'm playing Wild Arms Alter Code F and when you go into an Elm Temple you hear the peaceful water flowing around you.  And it had me thinking again about games with lots of environmental sound effects.  I'd like to play more of those!  Things like games where it rains a lot, sounds of insects, trees swaying, birds, etc. . Here's a list of some of the top ones I can remember. .

Aidyn Chronicles N64 - this game has very little soundtrack.  And is just full of enviro sounds like water streams as you approach them, insects at night.  This might be the top winner IMO.

Secret of Evermore - This game has tons of sounds like wind, forrest sounds, etc. .  And more low key moody instrument strums.

Assassin's Creed Black Flag - music at times when it's needed, and alot of enviro sounds when exploring.  Birds, waves, hearing your men sing sea shanties as you hear the waves and wind.  It's well done!

I mean you could say games like Witcher III.  But I don't like the mix of music/enviro and in one area it just rains to much.  So yes it could be mentioned but the sound mix just doesn't do it for me.  I'd like to hear about some more PS2 games!

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This one may be obvious but Red Dead 2. The game is overall good on this regard but there’s a section where you’re in the Louisiana bayou at night waste deep in swamp with a lantern and besides the usual frogs, insects, etc. you can hear gators in the distance. Spooky.

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I found Horizon Zero Dawn to have a LOT of peaceful environments.

But its conditional upon if you're already fighting, if you're near a death area(they are not marked, but they are at the fringes of the map, or in areas you know you are not supposed to be in, most times.)

I can't tell you how long I spent just admiring the scenery atop an area that I wasn't supposed to be in. It was an amazing view and I could ALMOST feel the breeze.


I had a much more minimal experience with the jak and daxter games, but its still similar.


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The swamp level in Monster Hunter G is the first thing that comes to mind.  I think the other areas might have good environmental sounds, but the swamp is what stands out to me.

10 hours ago, ErickRPG said:

I'd like to hear about some more PS2 games!

I'm guessing Monster Hunter on PS2 would be mostly the same.

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13 hours ago, SpoonMan Abrams X said:

Atmosphere music of Skyrim comes to mind. If there is at least one thing the game does better then other games in the series if not genre entirely it's that.

Shout-outs to Wind Waker's music cues integrating with battles and making them more epic.

Modded Skyrim especially. Once you update the fauna, terrian, weather, etc it becomes a whole new world.  Really impressive place to roam.

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