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WTB: Shantae items (posters, promo materials, prototypes, etc)


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Hey everyone, I'm a big Shantae fan and collector. I posted my collection here earlier:

What I'm mostly looking for are Shantae items that aren't games (I mostly wrapped up the game side of things, but am open to variants). That includes posters, promo materials, artwork, music, and prototypes. I'm open to buying anything, but my priorities are:

1) Shantae: Risky's Revenge OST, sealed only (link)

2) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse OST, sealed only (link)

3) Shantae GBC vinyl, purple variant, sealed only (link)

4) Shantae GBC vinyl, red variant, sealed only

5) Shantae trading card set, good condition (link)

6) Shantae GBC promo materials, especially posters and artwork

7) GBA prototype of Shantae 2: Risky Revolution/Shantae Advance

8 )  DS prototype of Shantae: Risky Waters


If you have something you'd think would be interesting, let me know!


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Purchased red vinyl variant
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