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Pokemon Switch Game for 5 Year Old? Let's Go Pikachu Or Sword & Shield? Other?

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So my 5 year old has gotten into Pokemon pretty significantly since entering the public school system.  But I am a complete Pokemon noob, never played one.  

She likes Pikachu (of course) so I assume the Switch game of Let's Go Pikachu would be pretty good for her.  But that's a year older than Sword & Shield which got higher reviews.  Any recommendations as to which way to go for her?

Ideally I would like it to be pretty easy to where she could maybe even play on her own.  Of course I would be there to play with her if needed.

Also, are any of these games multiplayer if her younger sibling wanted to play (she's almost 4).  Any parent of multiple children will know they fight over everything...

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Let's Go Pikachu is a remake of Pokemon yellow (the Pikachu version of pokemon from 1998) while Sworld and Shield are the newest entries.

Pokemon is kind of like a "my first rpg" so while complex it does ease you into things.  5 seems a bit young, but I was playing Final Fantasy when I wasn't much older.

Also it has a drop in/drop out co-op mode so you can play with your kids or they can play together (which makes the game even easier)

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There's a free pokemon game on the switch that came out a couple years ago, pokemon quest. 

"Pokémon Quest is a “free to start” RPG for the Switch, taking place in the new region of Tumblecube Island. In the game, you’ll befriend Pokémon by giving them items or cooking them treats, battle and customize a base camp with collectibles. The game seems to center on creating a bond with the Pokémon you meet. You’ll be able to use special items called Power Stones to personalize their stats. Pokémon Quest also has a really cute, distinctive artstyle, where Pokémon, and everything else, are rendered as a series of cubes."


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So I went ahead and bought the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu bundle with Pokeball brand new, we'll see how it goes.  Of course the used game without Pokeball was much cheaper but I'm sure the extra controller will be the coolest thing in the world to a 5 year old.

Also, packaging does say 3+, indicating Nintendo really thinks a 3 year old could handle it (though with supervision I imagine).  We'll see how it goes, thanks for the comments everyone.

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