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Switch Games To Take On A Trip


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I'm heading to Japan for the first time in November and bringing my switch.  This is going to be a great time to get some gaming in.  A couple hour layover and a 14 hour flight should leave just about any game on the table.  My plan is to only bring 3 carts with me, since I don't want to carry a bunch of lose carts.  So far I am leaning towards BOTW, Mario Odyssey, and Hollow Knight.  This should leave a nice balance of pick up and play as well as long gaming sessions.

Putting the packing list together got me thinking about what others would bring.  If you could only carry 3 titles from your collection for a couple week trip what would you bring?



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Administrator · Posted
1 minute ago, zeppelin03 said:

That would be perfect for day to day when I'm not playing Stardew Valley.  If I recall the download isn't much. Is physical still available?

Unfortunately I do not believe physical is available from anywhere anymore. 😞

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6 minutes ago, doner24 said:

I flew from Minneapolis to Tokyo in March and took Mario Odyssey, Hollow Knight and Undertale. Pretty much only played Mario. 

I have a feeling I would be in the same boat. Mario is amazing and I haven't touched it since my first playthrough at launch.  Plus I plan on buying Pokemon in Japan so that might be my game for the trip back.

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