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Me and my Kickstarter. ...there will be Tetris

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It took me long enough to get over here. I've been mourning the NA shift, but I'm loving it here at VGS.  Clean and refreshing.

So anyways, name is Steve DeLuca and I am TotalRadNES. I created an NES controller with the D-Pad on the Right, called the Goofy Foot. 

My new project, which is ending within a few hours on Kickstarter, is an MP3 NES Cart.  A full length album, mp3 audio, which plays through the NES. Check it out, only the second MP3 NES cart released. Ends 2/19 7:59am PST  LE is only $75 during the KS after is goes up to $95 and the RE will be launched at $75

I also help out with the Classic Tetris World Championship.  I've started and host the CTWC Desert Qualifier (GameOn Expo), West Coast Qualifier (Retro City Fest), as well as the SoCal Qualifier happening for the first time March 27-29 at the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo. I also host regular stream, Tetris Talk with TotalRadNES on Twitch Tues & Thurs 8pm PST.

It's great to be apart of a blossoming community again, CHEERS!,

-Steve DeLuca


I forgot to mention I write for the Old School Gamer Magazine.  Boom Tetris!

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