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What are you drinking?

Reed Rothchild

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9 hours ago, Reed Rothchild said:


Do I see Double Dragon AND Battletoads on there?  Are you tempting me to embarrass skinny twice this year?

You couldn’t even embarrass yourself let alone the third place prince!

9 hours ago, guillavoie said:

Battletoads was probably there, but Bea wanted to cut it out because 'we've played it to death'. She said it with her 'angry against humanity tone' so I had to comply. But if you can read Double Dragon on those papers, you're probably just drunk cause it is 100 % not there.

So yeah, looks like skinny got away with a 2020 year free of embarrassment (well, at least from you!).

I thought I saw “Danny Sullivan” but it was “heavy shredding”.

skinny and embarrassment is kind of a combo deal am I right? 😁

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11 hours ago, Lambda said:

@drxandy thanks for the info. Would love to try surly out of the ship East here to NY!

i remember vacationing by Chicago and visiting Finch brewery on a whim... at the time they had nearly zero distribution. 3 years later, there wasn’t a shop around that didn’t carry their beer. Hopefully I can find surly as well!

quick question: is dots and loops some sort of nod to the stereolab group?


I think it is haha

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Editorials Team · Posted
17 hours ago, drxandy said:

@Lambda I like the regular voodoo ranger (actually really like it) but the imperial is just too hot for me, makes it unbalanced. I might have just had it too fresh for my taste though. None of the variants of voodoo are as good as the regular to me.

@Reed RothchildRRothchiRoRothchildRRRoth

I can't delete that and it's freaking out haha but tell more about that nom sounding boysenberry sour ipa

It was good, more IPA than sour.  Bunkhouse isn't my favorite local brewery but they are constantly trying new things 

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5 minutes ago, skinnygrinny said:

@guillavoie good lord that was my first drink and already can’t talk straight. 

Unfortunately, the only remedy for that is more drinks.

One lazy drink I like to do with gin is lime, cucumber, ice and plain soda. But I usually do this with cheapo gins, with Hendrix I'd go for something more simple like what you did, a splash of soda or tonic.

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I love oddside, they're from Grand haven, mi and never disappoint. This one is a little too fresh for 9.95%, could use a tiny bit of age but very nice.


Coffee ipa with coffee by Peet's and beer by 21st amendment, who are also new to our market. I've tried a few, including their wonderful watermelon wheat and this is probably my least favorite. Very coffee, which is nice but not really something I would drink again.

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Does it have to be adult beverages?  Usually when I wake up I like to have at least a half a pot of coffee (well no sense wasting it right?) and I usually have Kroger sweet tea with my meals and sometimes I do want an ice cold can of Diet Pepsi (trying to watch my figure).

Sorry I gotta be the boring teetotaler of the group... 😞  But don't you dare accuse Ainsley Hayes of that! 😄  Then at 1:02 she gets a special Binky surprise! 😄 


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