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Subscription tier graphics, new Sage art!


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Graphics team, ASSEMBLE!

One of the main things we want with VGS is for it to feel like home, and a part of making a house your home is you know, putting up some posters, some nice curtains, a new rug. Make it YOURS. With the help of @CasualCart, we have moved one step closer to making the house a home, with some really breathtaking art of The Sage for the site subscription tiers!

Check them out over here: https://www.videogamesage.com/subscriptions/

And hey, if you're not subbed, what are you waiting for eh?

But seriously even if you're a poor student with zero dollars don't worry about it, it's free to go and check out the really amazing art! We're super stoked to stylize the site over time to make it more sagely and this is a great start for really infusing the site with heart.

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