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Nintendo Everdrive N8 Pro


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I have not seen this so I thought I'd share it.  The folks at Krikzz have released an updated version of their N8 cart for the NES that is the N8 Pro.  Below is a video from Classic Gaming Quarterly that compares the two and gives enough information for you to choose which one to buy or whether the upgrade is worth it.  You can order at the Krikzz Store.


From the description on the video:

The Everdrive N8 Pro for the NES. Everdrives are flash carts, allowing gamers to load ROMs onto actual hardware by essentially emulating a cartridge.  While the original Everdrive N8 was released for the NES and Famicom 7 years ago, Krikzz is back with an update.  This new N8 Pro sports a newer FPGA, a larger maximum ROM size, a faster microSD slot, op amp-based audio circuitry, an in-game menu, a 99 save state per game capacity, and a real-time clock.  Unfortunately, the Pro also sports a price tag just over $50 higher than the original.  If you're just dipping your toes into the Everdrive ecosystem, you can make a strong case for either; going with the less-expensive N8, or shelling out the extra bucks for the Pro.  If you've already invested $100+ in an N8 and are now considering dropping $170 more on the new cartridge, you may find that there's really nothing here to justify the purchase.  This is not a knock on the Pro by any means, but rather just a reflection of the fact that the original Everdrive N8 was and still is a very capable flash cart.

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