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StanJr comes aboard


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I'm Stan.  I've been around the classic gaming community for just about as many years as it's been around.  My main stomping grounds for a lot of years was Atariage, but I was at Nintendoage a bit and DigitalPess for a minute or two.  I ran a blog/website thing called The Electric Frankfurter off and on for years (I think it's still up...), but the past few years I have been absent from the community due to the overbearing presence of the Real World.  I came back to check out the rarity of Thrilla's Surfari (NES) and found Nintendoage defunct and this little burgeoning oasis flowering into existence.  Looks like a great group of people here.  I don't know how much the Real World will let me contribute to the community, but it's nice to at least have a toe in the door.  I'm still playing games from myriad systems and still love classic gaming, so thanks for making this space available!

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