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Finally broke down and got a Turquoise Nintendo switch light


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Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are two for sure games to get. I'm having fun with Odyssey. I've challenged myself NOT to look up how to figure out to do certain things in game and to just use my wits like I had to back in the day...slightly challenging since idk how to get certain moons/reach certain places. But it's fun figuring it out on my own.

I've also challenged myself to not start more then one game at a time...so I'll have to finish Odyssey before starting BOTW. I sort of wish I picked BOTW since it looks SO good but...eh. I dug my hole, now I get to live in it (however because I got the special edition Let's Go Pikachu Switch bundle, it came with Let's Go Pikachu installed and...I caved and played some of that...so...so much for my challenge. But I'll try to stick to it and just play those two games for now.).

Speaking of...Let's Go Pikachu is actually pretty fun. Haven't played a Pokemon game in years so it's interesting to see how good the graphics are these days. Plus it's cute that Pikachu hangs out on your shoulder and you can dress him up!

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