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Old, plastic VHS cases. Anyone have a good reason to use a bunch of them?


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Ok, in short, my wife's grand father is about to have an estate sale and is selling everything.  The family (which is basically my wife and our family and her parents) can have anything we want before the sell.

There are a bunch of old VHS tapes that were found.  Most are in the old, paper slide cases and maaaaaan am I feeling the nostalgia just seeing them.  But, there are probably 15-20 other VHS tapes in classic cases like you'd see at a mom-and-pop VHS rental shop.

I'd really like to keep them because the ooze nostalgia, but I don't really want to keep them if I don't have a good reason or use.  So, has anyone found a good and worthwhile use for these, especially relating to gaming?

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15 minutes ago, captmorgandrinker said:

If the VHS tapes have TV recordings, I know there's peeps that buy those for the commercials.

Granted I don't think it's a ton, but still may be a better alternative to just pitching them.

Everything is to be sold.  The estate sale service does the sale in 2 days, second day is a discount and they even have a guy who comes at the end and buys "everything" that's left by weight. So, stuff won't be thrown away.

I don't think they have TV shows.  I think most of them are training videos.

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6 minutes ago, Gloves said:

Sniff em. 

*sniff, sniff*  Musty!

5 minutes ago, PineappleLawnchair said:

Oh well maybe there's some good video game commercials you could probably dig through if it's TV Rec-

Sounds like trash in need of a good landfill.

Yeah, that's probably where the will end up. Regardless, I like the cases because they are like old rental cases.  But, I'm not keeping them without a use.

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