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1896 Film - Now in 4K 60 FPS - Neural Network


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It's pretty amazing, and honestly, rather frightening what you can do with computers! May have to rewrite the adage "don't believe it unless you see it"! 

Still, no denying that neural networks algorithms can do some amazing things, such as rejuvenate films over 100 years old! 



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Events Team · Posted

Stuff like this is so cool to me. I'm really glad we're at the point where we can upscale and enhance old footage like this.

Also, it's always kind of weird to think that every single person in this video has likely been dead for quite some time. Really crazy to think about.

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On 2/5/2020 at 8:33 PM, acromite53 said:

Thanks for sharing this. This stuff really interests me. Film is really neat. I've been watching many YouTube videos recently about film preservation and restoration. I just sent in my grandpa's 8mm videos from the 60s. I'm excited to see the 2k scan results.

I love old movies/films! I think the power of restoration and what we can do can truly bring history to life! Not just that, but also helping preserve and repair old cinema is wonderful. I suppose a lot of people like and go to modern blockbusters such as Star Wars, Superhero... etc.

Myself, I'd honestly much rather watch an old silent film, or Ingmar Bergman, or something I find more meaningful and less flashy. That's just me 🙂

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