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SOLD N64 Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut


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Selling my copy of Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut: asking $420 + shipping

Clean, safely kept in my collection. Minor scratches on cart visible only under light, the label looks like it had some sharpie on it that was cleaned off, it looks like it was well done (see pictures). Blockbuster metallic sticker on the back side. No tears on front or back label. 

Price decided based on Sold auctions on eBay taking condition to account, let me know if you disagree

$_59 (1).png

$_59 (2).png

$_59 (3).png

$_59 (4).png


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@Bomberman64: Hey man, it's a prototype cartridge shell, I'm pretty sure they all come in this proto shell. Sorry if the title sounded misleading, it's a typical Wideboy 64 other than the fact that it was used at Rareware.

@Yelir: That sounds fair in order to give a searchable data point since I noticed there are pretty much no recent sales, updated the OP with sale price. The Conker cart is only in the picture as the only proof I could provide that I acquired the Wideboy from the same Rareware source

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