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Do any of you guys ever host or attend game nights (video game, tabletop, anything) with friends, family, your kids, etc?  What do you do to prepare, and how much of a production is it?  Do you put out food for everyone, or just people come over, pick up a controller and play smash bros?  I'm curious to know what your guys' game nights are like.

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Yeah a friend has been pulling boardgame nights a few times. Wasn't much of a production compmexity, he had baked a pie he offered us and there was some candy & juice of some sort. Someone else also brought along juice and candy. 2 people brought along some boardgames of their own. Around 7-8 ppl in total.

I've never hosted one but i would'vd fixed some soda & snacks, nothing too spectacular but still a good gesture as a host. Do not proclaim that they should bring snacks of their own, that is some serious next level bum bullshit, if they do by themselves just say "oh ok" and roll along with it but as a grown man you should be able to symbolically have a bowl of candy or popcorn sitting at that table along with something to drink when people are invited to your house. 

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