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Goodwill Grab Bag

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Something I’ve only seen on YouTube, I snagged a $1.99 Goodwill bag of cartridge goodness shortly after opening! There wasn’t anything too special inside, but finding it, having to do the “I was here first” routine, and getting to sort through was an adrenaline rush!

Although, I’m wondering if I missed something over the weekend. Where are the consoles? And no one has just Paperboy!

Thanks for looking!



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Well, it was worth for Duck Tales 2.  It's not an extremely pricey game, but if you sold that one, even starting with a $1.00, Goodwill would have definitely paid you to take the bag.

Not a bad score.  I definitely would have bought it.

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my goodwill sends all their consoles to their DC for the website. caught them slipping one time and someone put a wii out for 10 bucks 😏  but not one time have I seen them put out any cartridge style games. Its only disc they put out. I guess all cartridge go with the systems when they send them.😢

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I was pumped to see duck tales 2. I've never had it in cart form.  This goodwill gave me Mario Party 2, Mario Kart, and Dem Jam NY on GC from April 2019 to October 2019.  There are frequent $10-$15 PS2 and Xbox games, but I'm not too interested in those at the moment for $3.99 each.

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Solid find.  Sometimes you just have to take what comes to you.  I have had many finds like this over the years when thrift shops and garage sales are dry.  You got a few good games in Paperboy, ducktales 2, Beetle Adventure Racing, etc and if you aren't completing the sets you got shovelware for, you can probably get store credit at a game store and turn it into something worthwhile.

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