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Homebrew Team · Posted

Missing  a bunch from my collection for the music cart charm, but it's enough to qualify.
Also did the two music tracks for 1007 Bolts for the Chiptune artist
Released 1007 Bolts/Hammers, UXO, and Freecell for the Publisher

Beta tested multiple homebrews that were released (Larry, Armed for Battle, Trophy, Owlia, Rollie, etc etc) and made carts for multiple releases (Ninja, and a couple others I can't remember) for the Brew Crew

Will make a pic/post for the 100+ homebrew carts later... I'm too lazy/my collection is too packed away ATM. 🙂


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Administrator · Posted
2 minutes ago, Dullahan Software said:

I thought about making a GIF of me building it from source, but I borked something in my build env and the build was failing 🙂

That's the kind of programmer story that convinces me! Hah!

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For the homebrew collection, do repros/bootlegs count? These pics are mostly homebrews but I keep all my non-vintage carts together in my collection. I'd like to think my Russian copy of Metal Gear Solid for Sega Genesis counts and some of them seem like kind of a grey area like Donkey Kong Pie Foundry or English translations of Japanese exclusives. 



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