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Well, since I finally received my Weekly NES Contest Charms, I figure it's time to add a couple more.  I've got 10+ Homebrews for that charm (ignore the Super Famicom game beside them) and I've got well over 600 Famicom games for the 100+ Imports charm, so here are a couple of pictures with over 100 Famicom games between them...

Thanks in advance 🙂




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1 hour ago, Deadeye said:

Charm incoming @Alder

Out of that treasure trove, which game were you most excited to acquire or which is your favorite one?

Thanks for the charm! There's no particular one I can call my favorite, but I had been looking for a copy of Pinobee & Phoebee on GBA for a while. I played the original as a kid and always wanted to play the sequel. One finally popped up on ebay, but the shipping was only worth it if I filled my cart with other things, and well... yeah. I think I had over 100 imports before, just never all in one spot for a picture 😛

As for Famicom, I've been wanting to play Super Star Force ever since playing the first one on NES. The game even mentions the sequel, we just never got it. I also picked up Parodius and Macross. Also stoked to get Devil World, Goonies 1, Circus Charlie, Mother, and Binary Land!

Hiding in the left box are Zelda 1, Mario 2, and Kid Icarus for the Disk System. I also recently picked up loose JP copies of Link's Awakening, Mario's Picross 2, and Kaeru no tame ni kane wa naru (the frog for whom the bell tolls). Always wanted to play that one since I learned about its relationship to Link's Awakening. And on Super Famicom I got Mario's Picross, a handful of cheap boxed Super Famicom RPGs including Mother 2, and loose copies of Rockman X2, X3, and Rockman & Forte. Been wanting to own Mario's Picross ever since sinking over 100 hours into it on the Switch SNES app, lol.

38 minutes ago, Gloves said:

Probably the red one.

I mean, Mother's in there, so you're kinda not wrong.

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