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Hi Everyone,

I used to be fairly active member over on NA, however the last year/year and half I pretty much buried myself in my work. Due to this I had to put this Hobby off to the side slightly, I didn’t stop collecting but slowed down considerably, buying less as well as becoming far less active on NA; eventually non existent. I’m going to try and put more time into enjoyable things/hobbies again. When I went to check in on NA today I was shocked to find a carcass in place of it! It was disgusting! I quickly remembered spending countless hours, talking, buying, researching, selling etc. I was a monthly Patreon supporting it even! I quickly decided to look to see if a new Forum was created to replace it, this place seemed like a good fit, I hope to have the same feel of community and I’ve already noticed a few familiar faces here as well! I kept the same name as NA so maybe a few of you may remember me. 

So Hello and I look forward to seeing what this place is all about! 


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