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Movie Debate #2: Last Action Hero

Reed Rothchild

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7/10 It is a decent satire, not Demolition Man level though. Has a rocking sound track and a fun quick watch. I saw this in theaters after we had stood in line for hours to try and get Jurassic Park tickets. The soonest available JP tickets were for that next week so we saw Last Action Hero that day instead.  

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I watched this once when I was a kid back when it first came out on video.  I honestly don't remember enough about it to rate it today, but I remembering thinking it was just ok.  Oddly enough, I have a feeling that I would have a better appreciation for it if I watched it today.  I need to get around to watching it again sometime.  

I kind of wished you had picked True Lies if you were going with an Arnold movie  I rewatched that again recently and felt it still held up today and I would feel more comfortable giving that movie a proper rating.  

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I love this one, altho i'd go between 7 and 8 so I went with hate.  I think this movie gets a lot of flak for no reason.  But personally, I think its because the kid in it is awful.  If you changed him out for someone better and not as annoying, I think people would have enjoyed it more.  To me this is almost peak Arnold.

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I was aware of this as a kid and, honestly, I have no clue why my dad never took my brother and I to see it since it was a common, weekend activity. It looked entertaining enough, but I have no clue what it's even about.

No vote, sorry.


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First time I saw this back in the day I was surprised how good it actually was. It's way better than a stupid concept like this has any possible right to be.

Rewatched this recently on Netflix, and not only was it as good as I remember, it's actually better. It's one hell of a great movie, and one of the most well put together action movies of all times. Despite being framed as a slapstick comedy and a deconstruction of the action hero genre, it's also a representative of some of the best stuff ever made in that genre.

I think in the late 80s and early 90s we took movies like this for granted. An action movie was nothing more than a "turn your brain off" and enjoy the ride kind of movie. But as we've seen in recent years/decades, actually making a sufficiently exciting, entertaining and coherent action movie actually does take a lot of skill. And few people possess that skill better than John McTiernan, as evident by his track record.

Also, on top of an already great movie, Charles Dance just absolutely kills it in his role, elevating it to something really unique.

A genuine, heartfelt 9/10.

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1 minute ago, MachineCode said:

You should at least give it a shot. It's a pretty good send up of the action thrillers of yesteryear. Arnold at his most meta.


At the time it seemed too kiddish and wasn't getting good reviews so I never gave it a chance. Maybe I should watch it.

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"I wonder if you could help me?  Well...  I have shot some one. I did it on purpose. I said I have just killed a man and I wish to confess."  

"Hey shut up down there!" 

favorite part in the whole movie, aside the glass eye collection. 


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