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Introducing myself prior to selling collection

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I was directed here after looking for Nintendo Age, only to find out the site is no longer the online hub for game collecting.

I would like to introduce myself before I attempt to sell my collection as an entirely new user. I was fortunate enough to begin gathering retro titles in the early 00's through the early 10's before replica games flooded the market. Though, once FPGA machines and flash carts became more reliable, I've shifted in that direction over recent years. After trying Trinitrons, Retro Pies, arcade cabinets, and Home Theater PCs, my favorite setup is Analogue's systems on a HDTV with a flash cartridge. So, it's time to move the collection on. 

I just relocated and it will take some time to take photos of the collection and get everything appropriately posted. Generally, my games are in "very good" condition, loose, opened & cleaned copies. It includes many of the recognizable sought after titles and the wormhole of "hidden gems." There are no exceedingly rare titles like Stadium Events or prototypes. This is a collection with playing in mind. Ideally, I would like to sell here in large batches (entire SNES collection, entire Genesis, etc.) and give fellow collectors an option before parting out individually on eBay.

Here is my collection via VG Price Charts: Collection

I look forward to communicating with the community here.

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