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KHAN Games Art Contest (Prize)


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Homebrew Team · Posted


KHAN games just celebrated 10 years.  To mark this milestone, announcing an (unofficial) art competition with a prize.  (I had the extra copy of a game, so why not 🤷‍♂️)

Art Criteria:

Art must be related to KHAN games or of Kevin Hanley ( @KHAN Games) himself.  Can be hand drawn, computer drawn, sculpture, etc.  Basiclly anything you can post an image of.


Prize is a copy NEScape! Limited Edition CIB.  Excludes import taxes.

Entry / Submission:

Submit entries, can me multiple, to this thread and it is open to all VGS members.

Submissions will close on March 29, 2020 at 11:59 PM VGS time.  


By @Deadeye .  We reserve the right to remove or disqualify entries.  

KHAN Releases:

2009 - Ultimate Frogger Champion

2010 - Sneak 'n Peek

2012 - 8 Bit Xmas 2012

2013 - Study Hall

2014 - Larry LLFLL

2014 - E.T. The Extraterrestrial

2015 - The Incident

2016 - KHAN Games 4 in 1 Retro Pack

2017 - Scramble

2019 - NEScape!

2019 - 8 Bit Xmas 2019


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Events Team · Posted

I'll definitely be following too, not sure about submitting something though, as I'm absolutely awful at drawing/sculpting things.

10 years of homebrewing is definitely something special and it was a very fine idea of you Deadeye to make this contest.

Kevin Hanley is a great guy who's very dedicated in his games. I remember when he was making Study Hall, I tried to help as a beta tester and the game grew on me quickly. We exchanged a lot of messages about the game and how it could be improved, and it was clear in my mind that what Kevin wanted the most is to make his game as good as he could. This was a very enriching experience for me to witness almost all the creative steps in the making of a one-man homebrew game.

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Events Team · Posted

Thank you @Deadeye.  Had a blast working on Larry.  I wanted to do a few other submissions too but real life is constantly getting in the way.

I would also like to defer my prize to @SuperJimtendo.  I have a copy of NEScape! and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So please send it to Jimbo so he can play it.


For anyone interested, here are several images showing my process.  NSFW of course.



Larry and his lady were originally all cut out construction paper.  The doll's eyes were much larger in the first concept and she had no tiddies. 

I also didn't like the background, so I ended up scanning individual sheets of construction paper and layering those digitally.  I went through half a dozen backgrounds before settling on the final one.

"Deconstructed" Larry was just how all the pieces looked when I opened my book of construction paper to rebuild the (final) image the next night after the first initial test photo shoot. 


Finally, thanks to @KHAN Games and all the other homebrewers for keeping my favorite sytem alive and consistently delivering some of my favorite Nintendo games new or old.

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