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Sneak n Peek RetroZone value inquiry


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I am trying to make a deal on the RetroZone Sneak n Peek, #85/100. It has a box. I don't think it came with it originally. I probably got it from Tusk. Anyone have any insight on this one? Of course it is worth what someone will pay, but I don't even have a frame of reference for a reasonable offer. Any help is appreciated.



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There's a price check forum FYI: https://www.videogamesage.com/forum/78-price-check/

I personally wouldn't pay over $100 but agree it's very much just a how much you gonna pay kind of thing (I say $100 because as a seller I wouldn't personally be motivated to sell into a market with zero competition for much less). Just as a comparable, a loose Sudoku 2007 went recently on Ebay for $100, another game that basically only has value because it's "old" and there aren't many. Not to disparage the engaging gameplay of video sudoku or Sneak 'n Peek. A Study Hall LE of /20 is sitting on Ebay for $230 which is a much better game, five times as limited, cooler box set, same dev and publisher, and it hasn't sold so it isn't even worth that.

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