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Homebrew Team · Posted

I enjoy GameDave, Gaming Historian, SNES Drunk, Daria Plays, EC Meyers, Jeremy Parish, LGR, and Nostalgia Nerd.


Game Dave - Entertaining personality.  He will do a skit with most videos.  Generally will focus on one game. I like his Famicom ones the best.

Gaming Historian - Long format documentary style videos.  High quality.

SNES Drunk - Short straight to the point reviews of games you may have missed.  Easy to like.

Daria Plays - Reviews mostly RPGS.  Good quality and does reviews and let's plays.

EC Meyers - Will do product reviews and live streams of NES and homebrews.  The live streams are where he shines.  Great at interacting with the audience.

Jeremy Parish - Host of Retronauts.  He is going through games chronological for the system by year for each console.  Similar to Chrontendo, but much shorter in video length.  Has done Gameboy, virtual boy, and now on NES.

LGR - Mostly retro PC.  Reviews games, PC, odd products, and builds retro PCs.  Great personality, very entertaining.  I'll watch anything he puts out.

Nostalgia Nerd - Reviews PAL stuff.  UK micro computers, Mega Drive, etc.  All around good for things I never heard of.

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22 minutes ago, zachjay said:

I’m not too familiar with youtubers and retro gaming, lookin for some midden gems. favorites? classics? spill em!

If your looking for something comprehensive check out Chrontendo. He is dry and is more informational than entertainment. He has been (slowly) working through every NES, Sega, and Turbo game in chronological order over the past 10 or so years.

Entertainment wise nothing wrong with AVGN.

Metal Jesus is the "hidden gems" guy, that's his shtick.

Mylifeingaming if yo want to learn about getting the best picture from old consoles or learn about flashcarts



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what I’m lookin for! a little description. any personal favorites are welcome too

1 minute ago, LeatherRebel5150 said:

If your looking for something comprehensive check out Chrontendo. He is dry and is more informational than entertainment. He has been (slowly) working through every NES, Sega, and Turbo game in chronological order over the past 10 or so years.

Entertainment wise nothing wrong with AVGN.

Metal Jesus is the "hidden gems" guy, that's his shtick.

Mylifeingaming if yo want to learn about getting the best picture from old consoles or learn about flashcarts




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Cinemassacre - Home of AVGN, hes still making episodes occasionally and they're good for a laugh. They have some other content that is alright. (Recommend: The Power Glove)

Games Done Quick - Bi-annual speedrun eventfor charity, great for skilled game play and all around good vibes. They are doing it for charity after all. (Recommend: Kaizo Mario Bros 3 with MitchFlowerPower)

Lazy Game Reviews - This guy reviews a lot of games and hardware particularly for old PCs, but occasionally ventures into other things. Hes got a very relaxed demeanor that I just find pleasant to watch. (Recommend: Solitaire Let's Play)

My Life in Gaming - A channel dedicated to showing off different solutions for retro gaming in the modern day. 

Classic Tetris - Competitive NES Tetris, maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but the announcer really makes it with all his hype. I say check it out for yourself. (Recommend: 2016 Finals)

Game Sack - Lots of quick reviews one after another for a console, genre or category of games. Great way to see lots of games all at once.

Gaming Historian - A high production quality documentary series telling the stories from gaming history. (Recommend 

Scott the Woz - A channel that looks at all kinds of gaming topics in a humorous way. Hes pretty funny at times.

Stop Skeletons From Fighting - Reviewing mostly unusual gaming hardware, some games too.


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AVGN/Cinemassacre - As others have stated, he started it all. Recommended episodes include Power Glove, Batman Part 1, Dick Tracy, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, and Nintendo World Championships. The console specific episodes like Atari 5200, Sega CD, and Atari Jaguar are also great.

Scott the Woz - Good video essays and retrospectives and is a funny dude. 

MetalJesusRocks - Really high quality buying guides and hidden gems. The other members of his "crew" have individual channels that are good too. 

SNES Drunk - Straight to the point. No BS. Easy to digest videos. 

My Life in Gaming - Really good videos when it comes to the really technical side of the hobby. The ultimate place to go to most efficiently connect all your consoles to an HD television. 

Gaming Historian - Probably the highest quality and most well-researched videos on the site in regards to video essay/documentary style. 

videogamedunkey - Not really a retro gaming YouTuber, but rather a main stream gamer/reviewer who is also a comedian. Just felt the need to mention him because, in my opinion, he is the best YouTuber on the entire site as far as per-capita video quality. Every single one has me in stitches.


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I spend a lot of time watching retro gaming videos on YouTube. My favorite BY FAR is a channel "Gamez Of War". The only problem is how infrequent his videos are, but he is incredibly passionate about gaming and clearly knows what he is talking about from firsthand gaming experience. Luckily for a new viewer, his infrequent videos aren't a problem because you can watch a lot of his old ones. I really can't recommend this channel enough, I get so excited when he puts out a new video.

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Member · Posted

Here are some sleepers or loosely related to gaming channels.

SuperDerek: He's a great guy who got his start reviewing JRPGs. He still does that but expanded his format to include a JRPG Weekly update. If you are really into modern JRPGs, he's a great source for news plus I enjoy his JRPG reviews too, which include newer releases as well as older games.

8-Bit Music Theory: This is a guy who knows his music theory and completely nerds out on game music. I understand maybe 10% of what he says but I usually learn something about game music and why certain OSTs or music mechanics strike me a certain way

8-Bit Guy: Seriously, no one's posted him yet?! David is a lovable geek who posts videos about his old PC restorations and reviews that hardware, mostly from the 80s. He's in his mid-40s and I think is more relatable to adults. Bonus, he has a second channel called 8-Bit Keys which is the same format but for old keyboards and audio equipment.

PandaMonium Reviews: This is a young guys (mid-20s) who's working his way through reviewing every US Saturn game in the order which they were released. His reviews are solid, he's interviewed a couple original developers and though youthful, I like his humor.

oddheader: This guy creates top 10 videos of basically weird things people have found in games, unfound Easter eggs or other mysteries. He does a good job as a lot of people searching for these types of in-game oddities tip him of and he does his best to either replicate or verify some the weirdest stuff.

Hashel: This guy has few followers but makes absolutely the best, chill remakes of game tunes. Worth a listen.


98DEMAKE: This channel would be listed above but seems to have gone dormant. This guy takes mostly modern games and "demakes" scenes to look like they were made for systems like the Game Boy or PS1. I loved it when he was active.

shango066: This is just a 50-something dude that likes to find oooold radios and CRTs and gets them running. It's fun to watch but his personality might not be for everyone. He seems to be a libertarian/California conservative so when he gets a TV working and testing it, he'll have it on a news channel and he'll make side-jabs at the news anchors. 

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I mostly watch the above. Some that weren't mentioned:

Karl Jobst, rwhitegoose, Summoning Salt, EZScape: Great video game speedrunning stories, explanations, news, cheaters, and history

Cygnus Destroyer: Sort of devil's advocate reviews of unpopular games, the "anti-AVGN" in a way. Gives fair reviews to games people have negative opinions of based on reputation alone.

Kim Justice: Tons of great computer game videos, ZX Spectrum, Commodore, Amstrad CPC, etc.

Ashens: Mostly "reviews" dollar store items and knock off electronics but also makes some great obscure game content. I highly recommend watching his talk "Hareraiser (The Worst Game Ever)", it's a fantastic story.

Larry Bundy Jr: Clickbaity retro games content, usually some weird history about the game industry

NakeyJakey, Scott the Woz: Mostly comedy, with lots of reflections on 90s games


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Gamesack has been my favorite for several years now.  I like the quick reviews of multiple games and I like the fact that each episode has a theme to the games.  It's too bad that Dave decided to leave, but I still fee that the overall quality is still high with Joe by himself.  I feel that between Joe and Dave, Joe did most of the production and editing work which is why the overall quality is pretty much the same.  It was just nice hearing differing opinions between two people.  I watch several other different channels as well, but Gamesack is the only channel I follow 100%.  

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Editorials Team · Posted

I dig Game Chasers.  Their material has dried up as hunting has gotten harder though.

Game Sack is good for covering lots of obscure stuff, but Dave is borderline incoherent half the time.

Continue is fun.  I find it maddening how shitty at gaming Paul and Josh are though. 

Scott the Woz is pretty absurd, in a good way. 

JonTron stuff is truly hilarious (he stopped doing games for the most part).  There's a reason he's by far the most successful of ALL of these people, because he's a natural comic.

SNES Drunk is probably the most knowledgeable person about the SNES library that I know of (other than myself).

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Nitro Rad -> Great channel with a lot of interesting gaming stuff. Lots of Platformers, Horror, Indie games, and oddball stuff!


Cornshaq -> This is such an oldschool channel, but it he has an insane amount of content. It's a real shame he doesn't get more views with all the work he's put into his channel. He's almost done a deathless "play it through" of every single NES game licensed and unlicensed!


Kaze Emanuar -> The god of hacking Super Mario 64. He literally makes a living doing this, and his work is incredible! You can play all his stuff for free as well! Some co-op 2 player Super Mario 64 on real hardware anyone?


Sucker Pinch -> Does some crazy coding and modding stuff sometimes with old NES stuff. Wanna see an AI learn to play NES games? How about reverse emulating the NES? It gets overly complicated and weird! Also lots of dry humor here.


Pikasprey - > He does a lot of soft lock picking in Pokemon games along with reviews of Castlevania, indie games(horror and RPG), and reviews of lots of bad fan stuff. He has another channel for his lets plays called "Pikasprey Blue". This channel is "Pikasprey Yellow".


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My Life in Gaming - Lots of incredibly useful information about how to get the best picture quality out of your stuff. They do a lot of good work and I really enjoy their insight into things.

GamingHistorian - Norm's documentaries are top notch and are very interesting. He does a really good job of presenting the full picture in a way that is not only easy to follow, but is also very appealing to learn about. For example, his video on the history of tetris was a very detailed one that explored what was happening from all sides at the time.

ArcadeJason - he does a lot of arcade repair and does a lot of vector monitor stuff. He has a lot of useful information and is able to get the point across in his videos. He also goes into depth of how some of these circuits works. Not so much a gaming channel, but is kind of related.

8-bit guy - he does mostly computer stuff, but does explore on how things work in regards to the computers. He has lots of useful information in regards to the retrobrighting process, so that is also pretty useful.

RetroRGB - Bob is a really interesting guy who reports on the newest stuff in the world of video. He also has lots of videos on how to get good picture out of your consoles and even some good interviews with people in the community.

Cinemassacre - can't go wrong with some AVGN. His james and mike mondays and other film related stuff also tend to be high quality. I don't really have much to say about this...

Lazy Game Reviews - another good computer gaming channel that goes in to depth on various thing computer related. Very fun channel with quality content

OneyPlays - Oney Plays is probably my favorite "lets play" channel. They are funny and go on crazy tangents. If you want a good laugh, I recommend them. 

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Blaziken257 - One of the earlier Channels that I remember from 2006. No longer uploading videos, but still one of the better Channels for Donkey Kong and Wario content.

ericmansuper - One of the classic reviewers from 2006-2008.

Tailz64 - In my opinion, one of the few earlier users who provided playthroughs with Commentary that is not annoying.

uethenfaif - Nice Archive of past Speedruns.

yearofthe - The best Channel for Spyro the Dragon content, in my opinion.

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On ‎1‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 4:39 PM, austin532 said:

LOL😄 It's true. There aren't anymore hidden gems/underrated games on the NES. Everyone knows about them.

That's very kind for the shoutout @DoctorEncore but no one wants to watch me ramble and open sealed games.😛

But check out how many amazing Wii hidden gems MJR just found. Seriously, it's hilarious just how bad these games are.



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