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Moonfall - Zelda Compilation Album on Cartridge


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   Doing a limited first run of my recently completed homebrew for the NES, 'Moonfall'. For those that may or not be aware, it is a Zelda compilation album of about 30 of my favorite tracks from the Zelda franchise coded in MML, to be playable on the original console, where it all began. More details on the site. Also, I'm still in the process of assembling the remaining. Mostly the grey are left to build, so minor delays if that is the option you choose.
   Also keeping the quantities conservative so it may 'Sell out' when in reality I may just have not done the final quantity count for both black and grey. Email me if they seem gone and you want one. moonfallcartridge@gmail.com



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Ok had a chance to count the remaining materials I have (Shells, PCBs, EPROMS, labels) and I have about 30 carts worth of stuffs. Not including a couple I'm keeping in case there are issues. As it stands the Black shell I ordered equal to about 23 in quantity. I plan on utilizing all the black ones I have since they are new and nor reused like donor shells. Now taking that 23 out of the remaining EPROMS I have to burn that leaves 7 for grey. I know it's drastically limiting the cheaper option (Since they are re-used and may show signs of wear) but it just makes sense to stick with as many Black shells, and leave the remaining Donor Grey. If you like grey for some aesthetic reason, get them now. If they are gone by the time you read this, contact me directly and I can prolly make something happen for you. Thank you to those who have already supported this project. You guys are awesome. 

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7 hours ago, Gd47 said:

This looks really cool! Do you know if it will work on a PAL NES? I couldn’t see any confirmation on the website.

I have no idea if it will run on PAL. I don't have a PAL machine or know the compatibility, but there should not be any difference between the carts or the code required to boot. It's just the frame rate as far as I know. So, if it does boot and play it will be like 16% slower than is should be because of the 50Hz PAL standard vs the 60Hz in NTSC. 

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7 hours ago, Deadeye said:

Is the website down?  It times out when I try to get on it. 

My work blocked the website. 

Makes sense for some strict or big companies to limit access to unverified sites. My site is basic and the demo page tries to run flash, which many firewalls don't like. 

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6 hours ago, 0xDEAFC0DE said:

Just got mine! Great so far




First try after I figured out which button was which note. 

I love how your first instinct was to take it apart and check which rupee you got, lol. 

Also great stuff! Cool to see you’re finding all the secrets 😎

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