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RIP Kobe Bryant


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And I was just reading our local Sunday paper at my grandma's (we play cards every Sunday) an article about how LeBron James just passed Kobe Bryant on the career scoring list...a few minutes before my aunt decided to turn on CNN聽and we all saw it...my first reaction was, "Am I reading that right?"

This just came completely out of nowhere...I didn't even know Kobe even had or ever flew on a helicopter. I don't even want to think about how his wife and remaining children (I can't believe I also have to say this part too; as his 13 year old daughter also went with the crash)聽taking this. 馃槥

And he just missed seeing his own HOF induction (scheduled for this year) as well. 馃槥

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I can't say that i'm touched on a direct level because聽i don't know the guy his career of anything else about him. It's more like one of those general "oh wow"-type of feelings because it's a celebrity you heard of so you sit there and ponder for a while, caught up in the moment of the news.聽Very unfortunate for sure.

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