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Are there any mech-based games for the Switch?


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I love games with a Mech battle mechanic.  Xenogears if my favorite RPG, I love the Front Mission games and I loved Mech-Warrior on the PC.

It's been a long time since I've had a new, mech-style experience.  Right now, I'd prefer strategy game similar to Front Mission, but I'd settle for anything.  Since I only own a Switch as a modern console, do I have any options?  Bonus if it has a physical release.

Thanks guys.

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You also might want to check out the Super Robot Wars they have on Switch if you want a tactical game(s), there are like 3 different ones now and also a SD Gundam one as well all are imports and do have English, however they tend to get pricey but every now and then you can catch them on sale. (only one I have played and own is T, but will eventually get the other ones) 

IF you want a run and gun there is Gigantic Army.

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War Tech Fighters is your typical mech battles in space kind of action game. Apparently it's OK. 

There's Gigantic Army which is a port of a classic 2D run-n-gunner type of game. 

Searching on Google I see a bunch more I never heard of. These are the only ones I've seen reviews for. Best reviews I have seen have been for that Gundam game. 

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