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Jim Power Kickstarter — any chance for a ROM only choice?


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Debating this, we've had some trouble with people from Brussels and Russia putting our roms on roms sites etc, so debating how and when to do this.

We may skip it for the KS campaign, and then once the carts have arrived to backers, publish it in digital form. That's when it will come to steam as DLC (some stuff free to buyers that bought it before 2020).

We are slowly planning our own marketplace for retro games (sort of like GOG) which would sell the games DRM free wrapped up with an emulator. They would run on your Windows PC and keyboard/USB pad, but also you would be able to easily grab the rom for your everdrive or for emulator box (we plan to have one done also under the marketplace brand)

The Marketplace would be called store.bleempowered.com and will be done under the official Bleem! brand from back in the day.


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