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Zelda Skyward Sword Store Display. Anyone else have one?

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Hello! I have a Zelda Skyward Sword in store display and a VGA graded copy of the bundle. Was curious to how many others have this display? I’ve been watching Ebay for around the past 2 maybe 3 years and have yet to see another one surface. The one currently on Ebay is mine, not trying to promote my stuff lol Just sincerely curious to how many others are out there. Thanks!




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These things are so hard to come by anymore unless you know someone or willing to pony up some dough. I watched the manager at my local GameStop TEAR to pieces a Luigi’s Mansion 3 HUGE store display, it lit up and everything. I wanted to punch him in the face soooo freakin bad. Refused to sell it at all in any way 

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