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Anyone aware of any good Build-Your-Own Arcade Kits (or Plans) intended for use with CRTs?


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Well, after reading through the recent thread on the ATGames arcade cabinet, I had the crazy idea to do what some of you might have done--build my own emulator arcade unit.

My personal requirements would be simple.

1. It must use a CRT.

2. It must have the general shape of a legit, full-sized arcade cabinet.

3. Bonus points if it's a kit.

Now, I know one limitation is that there are a million CRT models out there, so what would you use.  Well, if there were any "standard" sized and any of the kits have general spacers/instructions on how to position various shaped TVs to fit in the unit, that'd be nice.  I don't have room for 8-10 arcade units in my new home, and it's tough for me to consider just one. However, setting something up and building it with my kids would be fantastic!  Are there good plans/kits out there for this?

Also, googling is providing information overload, and most of it isn't quite what I'm looking for. So, if any of you guys have direct experience with this, or researched the same topic and have found a good answer for yourself, please let me know.  Thanks guys!

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Maybe a dumb question, why not buy a arcade cabinet? MDF kits for even the LCD panels run from the high $100s to $1000+. Then you'd already have the correct size and mounting hardware for a standard 19" or 25" monitor (I mean, it would come with the monitor). It would be cheaper than an unfinished kit even if one existed, especially if you buy a bad game.

You should check out the Winston Salem auction in a couple weeks.

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5 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

Maybe a dumb question, why not buy a arcade cabinet?

For a couple of reasons, but the biggest reason is It'd be a good learning experience and a labor of personal love.  I could just as well by an arcade cab for game I really love.

I know one alternative is that I could figure this out on my own.  Research what makes an arcade unit work, and figure out how to wire up all of the switches and joysticks to a controller board, mount it to an internal computer chip, and output it to an analog signal processor I hook up to a TV.

To be clear, in looking for a kit, I wouldn't mind having one without a display.  Internal components to don't have to be 100% legit arcade components.  I'm more interested in a big, wooden MAME box that I can optionally use a CRT with.

I'd like a kit, but I could settle for really good plans, and maybe just the wood hardware. I don't have a wood shop, so those are the main parts I'm concerned about getting.

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13 hours ago, MachineCode said:

Had a bunch of advice for possibly making your own, but here https://www.mameroom.com/webstore.asp?productid=UAIIKIT&category=136. Has a CRT mounting kit with it. They also make a bartop kit that can fit up to a 15 inch crt as well.

Thank you! I think this is more in line with what I'd want and need.  I'll look into this option further.  Seems pricey, but that's ok so long as the final build quality is solid and the kit/add-ons provides what I need and can't make myself.

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