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How was the Ninja Town DS pin distributed?


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I have a complete launch copy of Ninja Town for Nintendo DS. It comes with a pin which might have been a preorder bonus. The pin is taped to the front of the box. I have no idea if that was done by the publisher or the retailer. Does anyone know how the pin was distributed? Was it just supposed to be handed out to customers at point of sale? 

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1 hour ago, jonebone said:

Pic of pin? The stickers were randomly distributed in the sealed games. There are multiple variations of the sticker but not sure on the pin?

Here you go. 


the sticker looks like the same circle stickers used by EB Games back in the day to re-seal DS games.

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Bumping this. 

I have looked at every copy of this game to come across eBay and Mercari ever since making this post. 8 months of listings. I have never, not once, seen another copy with a pin like this. I have not gotten any leads. I am still completely in the dark. 

Does anyone have any new info? 

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On 8/9/2020 at 10:03 AM, drxandy said:

Oof maybe last ditch effort try hunting the devs on Twitter or something? I wanna say your right about it being an ebgames/GameStop reseal that an employee stuck the pre-order bonus to the case.

So turns out the pin was stuck to the case by the publisher, and shrinkwrapped inside, for this variant!

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